Cristache Gheorghiu


A Kind of Reflections




Preliminary Edition





They say that only great men could have great defects. It is not my case, so that not longer censure me so much.






Verba volant, scripta manent


Writing finds its justification in the

            ephemerality of speaking.


Today, things are different.

            Speaking can be recorded

                        in many ways.


And not only the words.


Paper is only a support

            among many others.



            it is expensive.








Copy rights


Some people wrote on paper

            and multiplied the papers.


Others wrote inside me.


Unfortunately, they have problems

            with the multiplication.


Or, maybe, fortunately.





While beginner as skier

            I used to be very glad

                        for every progress.


With every year

            I became more and more

                        good at it.


But, as much I were advancing

            as smaller room for progress

                        was remaining for me.


I was discontent, of course,

            and if I ever fall down,

                        it was a tragedy

                                    for a week.


The moral:

            the progress may

                        prejudice our happiness.


Modern Poetry


For some time past,

            the poetry became prose,

                        although the reverse would

                                    have been much better.


Or, maybe, I looked rather much

            in the mirror of water,

                        where everything is seen



Sometimes, it trembles.

            The water, of course.

                        And the mirror, too.


Maybe just this is its beauty.

            Of the poetry!

                        The prose from it

                                    is what trembles.


What gorgeous would be inversely!!!







Greenland and global heating


One wishes Greenpeace to be an ideal

            and everyone to struggle for it.


I wonder!

            They found it long time ego

                        and even gave a name to it.


Greenland they called it,

            although it was almost white.


To follow its green destine

            does not seem to be an ideal.








The Virgin Sofia


„Philosophy keeps its virginity

            in spite of numerous violations.”

It was not me writing it, but y Gasset.


So, I declare as platonic

            my love to Sofia.


Not for other reason, but

            I do not like fruitless gestures.






From sublime to ridicule


Since Socrates till today,

            philosophy traversed the full way

                        from sublime to ridicule.


Probably, at the beginning,

            it was not just sublime, but

                        it proposed to be.


Sublimation means

            a transformation

                        from solid state direct

                                    into a gaseous one.


This is what explains its disparity,

            without we could observe it.


What a pity! And we loved it so much. . .


Especially in the fluid state.






New York


New York is fascinating

            at the first visit.


At the second one,

            an exit gate

                        you will be searching for.


And if it is to not find it,

            a new-Yorker you will become.


With small 'n'

            and “VIP” cap.








The Past


Bootless is to close your eyes,

            for the past to move away.


Even what you don’t want seeing

clearer appear in your mind.


Better is to assume your deeds,

            Learn from the past what can

and, make at least a

happy future.









The talent


The talent of many artists

            consumed itself

                        during the admitting exam.














The rules of play


The rules of play

            are kept in plays.


The politicians do not know

            how to play,








Don’t translate every word


As everywhere,

a ticket toward Santa Fe

is more expensive single as



There are also some cheaper tickets

            for children and the elder



All these are true,

as long you don’t translate

all words

                        and leave them

as they are.


Santa Fe, for example!






The Way of Vacancy


“Route 66” - the way of dream,

            vacancy's dream.


Chicago is behind.


Santa Monica is forward,

            in mind and in spirit.


The opposite is backward to house and work.


Old memories kept in the song as well.










If Marx had been a scientist,

            he would have experimented

                        his system on animals, first.


George Orwell did it in literature, but

            without effect in politics.


The moral: politics and literature are disjunctive.










Shades and lights


A beam of light is necessary

            for make an object to shine.


Nothing glitters, instead,

            in the dazzling light of day.

A little shade would be

useful, then.







Yes and no


People express their agreement

            in different ways, accordingly with

                        their language: yes, da, oui

                                    and many others.


The disagreement, instead

            contain at least an 'n'.


Is it accidentally?




An accident


A car, named Romania,

            left the road and

                        plunged in abyss.

                                    It was August 23, 1944.


What nice it seems to be!

            Mountains and valleys

                        were going by us . . .

And what pleasant it was . . .


But suddenly,

            our smooth fly broke itself.

                        A terrible jolt followed and

                                    finally, even the car



The precipice used to have a bottom.

            What a tragedy!

                        Who could be think?



A riddle


The percent of wrongdoers

            is equal on the earth.


There are bank-breakers only where

            there are banks.

No banks, no bank-breakers.


What a clever boy I am!


In communism there were not thieves,

            as there was nothing to be stolen.


And then,

            the wrongdoing

                        what they deal with?


Guess my riddle!

Do not say that all of them became politicians. There were not so much rooms.










It is good when

            some alternative solutions

                        are possible.


Even water is a good alternative of wine,

            but not every day.











Haiku to George, my friend


Inspiring dreams,

            capricious times,












You win

            when lose,

                        if know

                                    how to arise.







The Real Man


Between extreme egoism

            and extreme altruism,

                        the real man finds

                                    his own way.


The egoism is natural;

            the altruism is acquired;

                        the way, of course,












From an utopia

            to another,

                        we are drifting












Feminine ambitions



            wishing             to be

                        equal with men   

                                    have not












With all the penury of intelligence, people do not stop to waste the little one that they have, trying to learn what is their sense on the earth, when it is evident for anyone that they do not have any.





At ants, bees and others like them, collective intelligence is more efficient than the individual one.


One by one, they do not have mind almost at all. Their societies, instead, are complex organized and work perfectly.


At mankind is the contrary: the individuals are intelligent, but in collectivity they are self-destructive.


It seems that too much intelligence could harm.


Or, maybe, the word intelligence is not well  defined.












            were invented by

                        Venus de Milo.










Science of Politics


If a science of politics had existed,

the politicians would not have existed.




Great Heat


On the telegraph wires

            the birds put on notes

                        the heat of the day.


What a great things the technology is!


Without wires,

            there were not notes, and

                        without notes,

                                    we could not


            birth's song.


Can it be true?


What a heat. . .







They want us to be uniform


Because we are different,

            they dress us in uniforms,

                        in conveniences,

                                    in rules.


But we are not uniform.


This is why

            we wear the uniforms

                         in different ways.






The way

The shorter route

            between two peaks of mountains

                        is not rectilinear.


You need to descent from the first one,

            in order to ascend on the other.


After a victory,

            you cannot

                        jump directly

                                    in another victory.


The one who thinks to do it

            did not really know neither of them.












Bad ideas are good

            . . . as fertilizer

                        for philosophy.













What could we say about the society in which

            the civilized man

                        is weak

                                    in face of

                                                a rude one?








Without wings


The wings of any society are its intellectuals.


„Otez les ailes à un papillon; c’est une chenille” (Chamfort).


This is what

            Romania became

                        after the Russians

                                    decimated its











From the childhood


Any person forms his mentality during

            his childhood,

                        especially as adolescent.

                                    The rest is varnish.


Let me know what you have learnt then

            and I say who you are.


Let me know what you read then

            and I say what you are.





The “happy” universe of childhood


Ah, how  sharp my knees were aching,

            when I used to fall

                        and how much I wanted

                                    to grow elder.


The grown-ups

do not knock at

                        their knees,  I observed.


Instead, they are ingrates. They assert to be the only ones having problems, that only their problems are count, that only they are stressed, even – as a matter of fact – they are those stressing us.





Passion is immanent to every person.


The hazard make from him

            an artist or killer,

                        scientist or politician,

                                    poet or thieve.


But, ”Le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés”. (Pasteur)


- And who deals with spirit?

- The hazard as well.


This is so, because man is first spirit and ultimately matter.


- And if it would be inverse?

- Inverse we all are . . .  what we are.











            A naivety!

                        We nationalized it.



Kant and us


Königsberg is the town where Kant lived.


Kaliningrad is the name that

            Stalin gave it

                        for glorifying Kalinin.


Who said that want to get rid of communism?

            Maybe of Kant!


It seems that some things must be de-kant-ed.


Or, maybe de-kalinin-ed.







Crucial Moments


There are moments when

            people think that,

                        in just that moment,

                                    the intelligence

                        came down

            on their heads.


It is true,

            not all of them,

                        but always

                                    much too many.


How could we call such moments?


But such people?






In some towns, I liked the museums,

            in other ones, people.

In some towns, only people liked me.

In every town I liked something.


In some towns, I didn't like the museums,

            in other ones, I didn't like people.

There is not town in which

            everything liked me.


To like me, it would be build accordingly with my test, although I did not define it, yet.


There are towns. There are villages.

            They are dwelt.

People call them localities.


If the localities are not dwelt, they are said “archaeological sites”.



I would not like to

            live in an

                        archaeological site,

                                    not even as



As unique inhabitant,

            I should feel

                        guilty for

                                    all errors,

                                                which surely



We are the amount of our errors.


It is good that,

            at least,

                        we are something,

                                    if we cannot be




I am somebody


I sacrificed what I owned,

            for acquire what I wanted.

I acquired what I wanted,

            and I became somebody else.


I am poorer for what I lost,

            but do not regret what I became.


If both of then I had had,

            I would have been

                        a different one,

                                    if this would be



Someone else, instead of me,

maybe would do. But that one

could not be me.


And, if was not to be someone else,

            I am glad to be, at least, someone.


Between altruism and egotism


The struggle for existence is the essence of any being.


 From the smallest cell to the most complex organism, life is an endless endeavour for an individual's betterment based on his environment.


It stops only when he exhausts his resources, or meets with a similar individual with whom he has to share the same resources.


An individual's ideal is a selfish one. Accepting the other is subsequently. It comes from the contact with the environment and man learns it during his life.


Egoism is genetic.

Altruism is acquired.








Between extremes


If someone had taught us what

            the right way is,

                        we should not have searched

                                    the true

                        between two extreme

            equal impossible.







Paradise? How is that?


We have a very fecund imagination

            concerning the horror of Hell.


Instead, we are awkward

            imagining Paradise.


A question of specialization.









Man lives in group and dies alone.


The death the religion deal with.

So, the individual's problem is solved.


The life? Nobody deals with it.


This is why we have so many

            social problems.


From Chaos


The Chaos was,

            for the beginning,

                        namely something

                                    without shape

                                                and limits.

Something in which,

            albeit anything is possible,

                        nothing occurs.


But it was God who came.


He first made skies and earth,

            so he draw a

                        separating line

                                    between them.

So far,

            he didn't created,

                        but delimited.



Nowhere is said,

            neither in Bible or

                        somewhere else

                                    that someone would

                                                created Chaos.


In all religions,

            Chaos existed before.


The Pan-creator,

            improperly named so,

                        did not created,

                                    but separated.


Drawing a border

            between sky and earth,

            he created two restrictions:

                        - earth no longer be sky;

                        - sky no longer be earth.



And things did not stop here.


Carrying on,

            he separated

                        light from dark,

                                    earth from waters etc.


He enforced

            limits after limits,

                        restrictions after restrictions.


And did not stop neither here.


On smaller and smaller spaces,

            he organised the mater

                        in more and more odd entities,

                                    even small monsters


Among them, we are, as well.





He obliged us to fight

            against everything around us,

                        even each others.


The limits imposed

            by the Creator

                        have became

                                    more and more



And all these

            are to be

                        agreeable to us.








- The engine of life

            is inequality.


- I know,

            a question of entropy.


- This is for

            not any people

                        to catch the idea.


- What democracy would be then?



I and he


Any “I”

            wants to extend his border

                        over his neighbour's one.


To integrate it, if possible.


“We” is an abstract notion

            existing only in grammars.


“You” do not exist.


There are only “I” and “He”.


“He” is the one

            who must be assimilate.


“I” is the only entity with sense.









The art of negotiation


God, make to rain,

            and I will do an oblation










Burglar's belief


Help me, God,

            maybe they will

                        not catch me!








Religion / Church


With all church’s opposition,

            people want their religion back.


And they will get it.












Something that gives sense to life,

in which one can believe.









If Jesus had realized that

            he will provoke a schism,

                        he would have studied

                                    the Science of Politics.


Or, maybe, botanic,

            as at herbage is the same.






Stupid, but happy? / Clever and unhappy?

There is not a middle way?


- Not as long you didn't find it.

- Are you being a clever?

- Some people think they already find it.

- These ones are only ignorant.

- Don't you have a more reasonable way?

- To search for is your destiny.

- Mankind will find a reasonable way only after they will exhaust all others possibilities, and these ones are infinite.

- I know it. Someone else said it, it's true, in a different context.

- I have an idea: to recognize that we are stupid.

- Your optimism is exaggerated.








Tax for profit


The one

            who works



The one

            who plays truant



Be blessed the

            name of state!












            could not exist

                        without laws.


Here is something deserving to think about.











Pedagogy is a gift.

Some ones own it,

others don’t.


The universities making teachers should verify the applicant's talent, as those of music do.






Man begun as a worm”,

            Geoffroy said it,             in an




The reciprocally would be to arrive there,

            having in view that

                        we started from

            Creator’s hands

as superior beings.



            I prefer a more static variant:

                        to remain men,

                                     if possible!










Pseudo-haiku at seaside


Long neck,

            the head away,









A Ludic One


We think differently

            But laugh similarly

                        When laughing.








In Theatre



            don't play theatre,

                        albeit their faces

                                    are very expressive.










(the ninth part)


During the Middle Eve,

            it was the part of the harvest

                        due to the feudal.


What a time . . .









The Right Way


- The church show us the right way.

- Even in the market orientated economy?

- Especially there.

- How is that?

- By priests' example.

            Their avarice is remarkable.













The writers of a single book

            remain dilettantes?


Still, some of them are famous.










Fairy tales teach children

            ideas difficult to

                        explain and understand

                                    in other ways.


Literary fiction

            does the same for

                        some grown-ups.

How we read?


Following the advice of Spain's ambassador,

            George Sand lead Chopin

            in Majorca, even its climate was

            improper for his healthiness,

            in that season.


Chopin, immigrant from Poland,

            was not informed.


Spain's ambassador

            was doing touristic publicity, probably.

            He didn't care for a poor Polish

            about whom he didn't feel that

            will become a celebrity.


Instead, George Sand ought to know

            the climate in Baleare Islands.

            If yes, her gesture was criminal.

            If not, it means that she was ignorant.



Everything I read now,

            is subordinated to the question

            “how clever / informed used to be

            the author?”









Some persons anger on me,

            although I do not say nothing new.


On the contrary,

            I say what they knew before,

                        even better than me.


It seems that just this is what annoy they,

            but I still do not know why

                        they angry on me.

The writer Montesquieu


If a graduated from a secondary school were asked what he knows about Montesquieu, he probably will answer something like: French writer, 18 century, “Persian Letters”. If he has a good memory, maybe he will mention “The Spirit of Laws”, about which he will not be able to say much, because he did not read it. It is a book for specialists. Montesquieu was a magistrate.


As a recognised classic of universal literature, nobody impugns his qualities and is contented with what people say about. Still, at a more attentive analyze, a paradox appears. From the literary point of view, “Persian Letters” is far from a masterpiece. It is not a monument of the literature able to justify the presence of the author on the list of great celebrities. Montesquieu himself would have been very malcontent if all his activity had been limited at this book of about 200 pages.


He was passionately fond of philosophy, disciple of Hobbs and Lock, and proposed himself to apply their ideas in the society of his time, which he did in “The Spirit of Laws”. His implication in literature comes from his efforts for convey these ideas toward groups of people as large as possible.


“Letters” are small essays and only the titles give the impression of a correspondence. Without them, Montesquieu would remain a magistrate-philosopher unknown by literary world. Instead, only with “Persian Letters” he would entered not even in literature.


His complex personality make from him a celebrity, because – in the last analysis – a writer is someone having something to say, namely someone who want to communicate with people, let he be an magistrate.







It is beyond doubt that philosophy is fruitless.

            The problem is that we cannot live

                        without it.


This doesn't mean that we all are sage.

Not, not, with the sapience we extricate.


Love for sapience

            is what trouble us.


This is so because

            we always want

                        what we do not own.









Scholar philosophy


Scholar philosophy is something

            as a ray of light

                        reflected by some heads

                                    without inner light.









- I heard that Dali's art

            would be a form of resistance

                        against the madness.


- I thought that

            it is madness itself.









Every civilisation

            has its paradigm,

subsist al long as

            its paradigm is credible

and disappears when it burns up

            its paradigm.







To be happy (felix) meant in Latin language

            to be fruitful and full of success.

A possible achievable goal!


Today, to be happy means

            to be flooded with what you

suppose to enjoy you

without any effort.


As wishes always exceed the possibilities,

            happiness becomes an objective














A clock shows exactly the time

            twice a day, if it does not work.


A working clock shows the time



Which one do you prefer?









Genial Ideas


Some genial ideas

could come us by drinking;

never after.









Stupidity is not sagacity with the sign minus, but the lack of them, as the darkness is not a different sort of light, but its lack.


This is why the great mistakes belong to the great smart people and not to the great idiots.









The Saint Sophia


It seems that sagacity was holy, formerly.






The Romanian territory,

            was crossed by many

waves of barbarians

                                    and non-barbarians.


All of them leaved traces.


Our opinions about them are different.


We are proud with some

            but are shame with others.

We have fellow feeling for some

            and scorn for others.

We even hate some.


Everything accordingly to their traces.










It is much gravely to have mediocre illusions

            than to live mediocre.


For a mediocre life

            there are excuses and justifications.


Not for the mediocrity of the illusions.








Extremely, there are two kinds of teachers:

- Those that teach the children things that they did not know in reality, like those for history and geography;

- Those that experienced first what they have to teach, like those for physics.


The first ones can be congenial; the others usually are boring.


But the most attractive are those that do not know what are they talking about.








Schools of Philosophy


The schools of philosophy consumes intellectual energy of the students, coaching them in handling a specific language, making him, in this  way, inapt for free thinking. The future philosopher excludes himself from the society and society, in his turn, doesn't really need of such “specialist”.











When you are not sure on your ideas,

            do not over-solicit your friends;

prove them with those that

            are not tolerant with you










If you want to verify your ideas,

            try to expound them to someone;

you will correct them even

before exposing.




How the ideas come us


For some things

            we have to struggle:

                        for money;

                        for women / men;

                        for social positions

                                    and what not.


Only the ideas come alone,



Under one condition:

            to had struggled for something.



            you have those ideas that

                        things you have struggled for

                                    gave to you.










What makes us to be different

            are not the truths which

            we succeeded to learn and

            are known by many others,

                        but the ways through

                        which we arrived to them.





Trust in ourselves


We often know

            what other people

                        want for us.


Rarely we know

            what ourselves



And when we think

            that we know

                        we are deceived.

Old or Eternal?


Some things are old,

            other eternal: concepts, ideas.


The eternal ones

            do not become obsolete.


How we discern them?

            This is one of the art of life.


For some people it is a gift.

            Others learn to do it

                        during their life.


Some sooner,

            some slower,

                        some never.


For the last ones,

            everything seems to be obsolete,

                        even the future.









The condition of freedom

            is the absence of

                        any dependence.


The dependence is born when

            you pay the offer with your soul,

                        as you couldn't control

                                    your temptations.



Non-understandable” artists


Art is a way of communication

            with specific means.

Everybody agree with

            this general assertion.


The communication exists,

            when the idea issued by emitter

                        arrive safe and sound

                                    till the receiver.


The means are different and,

            due to them,

                        he is a great or small artist.


But, if he doesn't succeed to communicate,

            It means that he doesn't exist

as an intelligent being.


This is why the pretension to be non-understood is a lie.









The Social Man


As we live in society,

            our thoughts must take a

                        transmissible shape.



Sagacity Claims Detachment


We achieve the abilities

            in contact with things.


We manage ourselves

            in the problems of life.


Still, we achieve the sagacity

            only after we detach ourselves

                        from all these.


But we can detach from them

            only after we become expert

                        in resolving them,

which supposes that

we thoroughly studied

the field in all

its details.









Forms of express


Artists look for new

            forms of express.


The young ones do it even before

to have something to express.










Originality at any price


The most unfitted means

            to become original

                        is to want this.





Love and timidity


Timidity denotes

            a kind of spiritual noblesse.



            maybe never,

                        the real lover

                                    can express their love.


Love is noblesse itself.


Maybe this is why

            it is so difficult

                        to express.









Poet's Love


The poet speaks easily

            about love

                        because he didn't really

                                    know it.









Excess of sexuality


The excess of sexuality

            in the nowadays art and literature

                        reflects a tendency of

                                    coming back to nature.




Coming back to Nature


For mankind,

            coming back to nature

                        means coming back

                                    to animalism.


We are fully aware of this?


If yes, it means to recognise

            that we make a mistake.












The dreams are ours.


            The reality is of everyone.


                        Respect others' dreams.







Conscience of Conscience


We are unconscious

            if we imagine that

                        we have the conscience of

                                    our conscience.


If we had been conscious,

            we would have built our future

                        in a different way.



Technological development


We accuse the technological development for

            man's moving off from

                        philosophy and religion.


But technological development

            always existed.


The wheel invention and using the fire

            were even more revolutionary

                        then electronics or

                                    cosmos conquest.


Does it means that primitive man

            was more philosopher then us?

                        “Philo” maybe!

                                    “Sofos”? I doubt.






It seems that, in our evolution,

            a point of optimum existed.

                        If yes, that was the moment

                                    in which we was wrong.


Here is a paradox:

            to make the greatest mistake

                        in the best moment

                                    of thought.



Portrait in the Mirror


I am looking in a mirror and see

            the portrait of a man that sing.


I do not recognise myself.

            Besides, I do not sing.


It is in Picasso's style.


I do not recognize the melody either.


I have a hope: maybe the mirror is broken.


It's a blessing that it is not a Rubens.






The gift and the girl


I knew a very revolted girl

            because people used to admire

                        a famous singer.


She could not be so gifted, in her opinion,

            as both of them had been class mates

                        in primary school.



            they have equal rights.











Decision are as easy to take

            as little you understand

                        the complexity of the problem.





The Rest


A worker may repose himself

            by reading a book.


An intellectual may repose himself

            by making a manual activity.


Let me know how you repose

            and I will say you who are.


This is not true in case you

            repose at work.











It is easier to pull out

            the sword from its scabbard,

                        than replace it.


                        Maybe I read it

            sometime, in my childhood,

but what you find by yourself

seems to be wiser.









Do not let the up-and-downs of life

            to take hold on your thought.


Keep your thinking

            clean and free.


Only so you can lead it

            toward what it is worthy.













Style is not a supplement, a hat,

but the essence.







Our thinking

            is like the earth

                        in which the ideas germinate.


The ideas comes to us from

            contacts with our fellows

                        or from books.


Many seeds perishes

            as they do not find

                        the adequate earth.


Reciprocal statement is not true.








We pick up only those ideas

            that graft itself on the

                        knowledge existing there,

                                    like a Lego.


Some older ideas are stimulated in this way.


Paradoxically, we call the new ideas

            as being suggestions,

                        while the old ones as original.















The end of life

            is part of








Artistic Currents


In any epoch, there is a

            dominant artistic current.

                        We can identify it by

                                    its form of express.


The fond is eternal.


This is why,

            artist's enlist, without discernment,

                        into a fashionable current

                                    does not achieve














If we knew

            why we love,

                        we would not love

                                    any longer.










Love is blind


One says that love is blind.


I think that we are blind.


Love comes where

            our wit cannot reach.










As great is

            a bluntness,

                        as difficult is

                                    to refute it.








The Poetics of bluntness


There is shoddy poesy.


I did not hear about a poetic stupidity,

although some people try.













Many people throw off

            the nobility in risible

                        without realise that

                                    themselves become






Artistic currents


Some artistic currents are like the fashion:

            they obsolete themselves and

                        disappear without trace.


Other ones invent new possibilities

            of expressing.


Modernism, post-modernism etc,

            are not currents, but

                        only periods of questing,

                                    unfortunately sterile.











The culture (of a person or people)

            is visible in the capacity of expressing

                        complex notions.











Between small infinite and the great one

            our world exists,

                        as an infinitesimal quantity.







The Error


On our way toward anywhere,

            the errors are inevitable.


The success depend on

            how soon we recognise

                        and correct them.





Russians outside


Why there are so many Russian people throughout the world?


It's because, learning English language by ear, they confuse Moscow with “must go”, and leave.


And how they succeed outside?


One of their founders had a predestined name: Dolgoruki. It means “long hand”, an expression for thieves.









The good example


Sometimes, we correct ourselves

            thanks to bad example;

almost never,

            thanks to the good one.










You cannot develop yourself

            without changing yourself.


Start with undershirt clothes.








Among those five fingers of a hand, only one is opposed. Without it, the hand would not be hand, but foot.


What we would become with more opposing fingers?


With the all ones would not be possible, as it would be a foot, but for walking backward.












            Let's be seriously;

                        where did you see it?



            Without it we would not exist.








We are between

            “it was” and “it will be”.


What it is between them

            makes the difference between

            “it may become” and

            “it could have became”

                        (if it had …ed).








The Europeans


The Europeans began to be


and finished as



Inopportune laud


One day, I lauded somebody for something really meritorious, in my opinion.


But the man was accustomed to be fawn upon and considered my prise an offence face to his grandeur.


I understood then the fact for which I lauded him was an accident in his life. Or, maybe, his life was an accident. It depends from which angle you are looking.


No matter of the angle, my gesture was a mistake, for which I cannot excuse myself, as it means to commit a new error.










Heraclitus said: “Between gold and straws, the donkey prefers draws”.


Nothing new under the sun.








The arriviste


An arriviste tried to climb on the top of the pyramid, removing those from his way, not keeping account that they had built the pyramid. He succeeded, but – making leave those more valuable than him – the pyramid became so tiny, that it disappeared.












Every people philosophize;

            the instruments are different.










There is a difference

            between genius and stupidity:

                        genial people are limits.




Eternal returning


The old Greeks intuited the infinite only concerning the time, but not for the space.


The space used to be finite for them. Hence, the idea that, in the infinity of time, all possible combinations of the atoms – existing in a finite number – will repeat itself in an infinite number of times.


After more than two thousand of years, Nietzsche caught the idea too. Still, he lost sight of the fact that, in the meantime, science had progressed.











Only diseases are transmissible,

            not the healthiness.



Good deeds are not contagious too.


If something have caught on you,

            and it is not lipstick,

                        you must think.

                                    Probably it is










The amour


It is easy to fall in love.

            More difficult is to confess it.









Friends are like us;

            after all, we selected them.


When you blame them,

            be careful.


Look at the dog

            barking at herself

                        in the front of a mirror.








The Defects of Virtues


“Everyone has the defects

            of his virtues.” (George Sand)


Beware of great virtuous ones!








Music and Speaking


Music is the language of sentiments.

Speaking is the language of ration.


Programmatic music and poetic speaking   bring nearer the sentiments to ration, but move away the both from the essences.











Be careful what you wish for.

It's possible to come true.








From Sumerian mythology, we learn that the gods, bored with working for satisfying daily needs, thought to find a way to solve the problem.


Then, Enki had a genial idea: from clay and water, he made a being destined to work instead of them. Here is how robotics appeared.


Today, the robots think themselves they are gods.


There is a risk in everything.










Having more gods and legends, some of them contradictory, antic people were ready to accept the existence of more possibilities. This is why they were more receptive, more enlighten and open minded.









The moderns replaced

            the antic cult of phallus with

                        that of the cannon.


Their ideograms are alike.


Both of them represent the power.


The difference is more a ethical one:

            the first is creative while

            the second is destructive.











Every person is free to think anything he wants, but he is not allowed to do all what he thinks, if his deeds could injure his fellows.


Well, what is freedom, then?










In fairy tales, the dragons have more heads.


In real life, they have more tails.









I want to meet that pacifist American, who abandon his job and renounce of the wage, because he realised that some products of the plant in which he work are used in an unjust war.










Art must be understood for conveying something.


What would be a novel written in an inexistent language, or a theatre in which the actors stay unmoved on the stage and utter non-intelligible sounds?








In some of most savant texts, the author finishes his dissertations with a proverb, in order to confirm the accuracy of his logical demonstration.


He loses sight of the fact that, in this way, he proves that people's wisdom used to know for ages what he has just found out.












deprived the riches of the wealth,

but could took

their spirit.


From the poor it took the all:

the hope




The ache is only

            a warning signal.


It says us that

            something is not all right

                        and we ought to take

                                    urgent measures.

Without it,

            we would be             less informed.


Suffering means a longer ache.


If it is one of the soul,

            it means that we

                        should have treated it

                                    long time ago.


But never is too late.









Uter sensu


In stricto sensu, you see too narrow.


In lato sensu, you don’t see too wide,

            but more confuse.








There are persons without studies,

            with some studies and

                        with higher studies.


There are not persons

with lower studies.


Not by a long chalk!

            I played you a trick.

                        There are!


More that it:

            there are lower persons

                        with higher studies.







Writing and reading


When writing,

you are thinking to

the one who will read.


When reading,

            you are not thinking to

the one who has wrote,

but why he wrote.







Only the persons upper than us

may assess us.


Not only because they own

the necessary quality,

but because they are the only ones disposed to do it.


Of course, sometime,

Not always.










Did you notice that

            powerful persons

                        have delicate gestures?


The reciprocal statement

            is true as well.









Reducing Cure


Did you hear that

one can grow slim by praying

                        between two abundant










Philosophic writings


The philosophers relate,

            in an arid way,

                        what everybody used to

                                    know long before.






The Past, as a Shadow


The past begins today.


The one beginning tomorrow

            may be different,

                        as, inside it,

today enter

as well.


Be careful what you do today!


                                    The past will

                        follow you

            in future

as a shadow







Between persons

esteeming each other,

a delicate gesture

is repaid by the others

with another delicate gesture.


In the lack of esteem,

such a gesture

is taken by the other

as an opportunity

 to take advantage from.








Occidental offer


They changed the offer.


If in the past they

used to export religion,

now, they offer

           “man’s rights”.


Wars are what priests generated.

We do not know so far

what homosexuals

will generate.








Acquired Intelligence


Rich person’s stupidity

is more evident.


Poor person has to struggle

            for life. In this way,

                        he acquires some




            he loses them if enrich.





The Limits of the Reason


Mathematics, most rational

among sciences, invented

irrational numbers.


It did not want, but succeeded in

            demonstrating that

ration             has limits.






            Usually after a long suffering,

                        Good men join together

                                    In face of a major


The bad ones do it any time

an opportunity appears.

(In the lack of it, they will invent one.)


And the communication between them is different.


The first ones need lasting talks.


The second ones come to an agreement at a glance.






Flat Land / Mountain


People from flat lands, as they do not have something to prop up their view, deal with what the proximity offer to them. Far away is, for most of them, too away.


The mountain, for those living at its foot, is either an insurmountable. Obstacle, or a temptation, for the most courageous of them. The path climbs or descends, according with the direction of walking.


With the people is the same.









Orient / Occident


Europe needs martyrs

Socrates and Jesus was the first ones.


Buddha and Confucius died at old ages.








Simple things


Nobody troubles his head with

simple things.


That’s why they remain









Golden Mean


The golden mean

doesn’t mean

a half of a measure











Symbol of cunning,

            the serpent got

                        this renown

                                    not because

he creeps

but because

he sinuates.






Rarely. A man becomes suspicious after someone deceived him, and – if he does it – it occurs only face to the deceiver.


Generally, naïve people remain naïve.


The really suspicious is the one used to deceive other people. Thinking that the others are like him, he wonder if he is not deceived at his turn.










Friend is the one who, if you injure him with something, he wonder what he was wrong with you and is read to beg your pardon.







For the beginning, man used to think only for himself.

When he want to communicate with the others, he invented speaking.


In time, speaking influenced his thinking.


Writing amplified his way of thinking: sequential, rigorous. It is not easy to run over letter, words and phrases to learn what the author wanted to say. Only those well trained can do it.


Now, we are victims of this method.


What about those writing in a different way?











Religion and Civilisation


Religion asks us to be warm-hearted each other.


Civilisation asks us to esteem each other.








The eve of every holiday

            is more important

                        than the holiday itself.


During the previous days,

            people get close to the sacrum,

                        think of it.


As soon as man starts celebrating,

            he forget what he celebrate for.








Statistics show that,

            in Europe,

                        more accidents occurs

                                    in Portugal

                        and much less

            in Swede.


It is clear!

            Snow is good for traffic.







Children’s mistakes


Children do not repeat

            the parents’ mistakes.


They do some different ones,

            according with their education

                        received from the









If God has put a curtain

between he and us,

in order to avoid

our indiscrete views.

we should respect his wish.










The first Christians

            were considered to be


because they

                        did not keep

            the rituals

of that time.









The exception


“The exception confirms the rule”,

            because specifies

                        its field of validity.










Do not look in sky for

            the trace of flying bird.








If you are not a statue, yet


If, from the sky,

something that only statues support,

fell down on you,

           be quiet.


Only in state of rest a bird chooses the place.

            On flying, was only a chance

                        you was in it way.












Only when I say “We”

            I feel myself really prideful.